Other Services


In this segment we will discuss about all the OTHER SERVICES provided by Theziners online Store.

Modern Theme

If you are getting modern, why isn’t your logo? A logo is something which defines your true idea and comes at every place where your document comes.  So modernize your outdated logo to get more customers, better brand value, thus superior business success.


Festival Theme Logo

Festival is a moment of celebration where a lot of people unite to share their happiness, love and gifts, but there is one thing more which is shared massively? Do you know what it is? It is none other than the product and service of your companies? So Get ready with a Festive Theme logo and enjoy limitless success in your business.


Need Template in different Size?

Got the template of your dreams, but still unable to use it? Don’t worry. We understand you and your requirements, and are here to change your chosen template into the size you want. Now all you have to do select the flyer you want, and contact us to get it, in your own specific sizes. Now, No limit on selection due to size, your selection, our magic.


No experience in Use Software?

Don’t worry if you have no experience in using purchased templates or software like Ms. word/ Adobe Photoshop. We at Theziners, are here to solve your problem. We will happily change your selected template just in the way you want it.


Festive Postcard

Make the festive season happening for you with elegant pre-made Festive Postcard Templates. A Postcard well used can do the magic, and that magic take your business to the second level. Whether its New year, Valentine Month, Holi, Good Friday, Diwali, or Christmas, we have a Festive Card ready for you. Check out from the vast ranges of Festival Postcard template at our online store.


Online Advertise

Seeing is believing, get the Online advertise banner which makes people believe in your work. We at Theziners, are here to help your business success with an elegant online advertise banner for your website and social media.  All you have to do is feed us with the respective information and one of the designers will take your matter with ultimate devotion and give you what you need in 24 hours.

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