If you have no experience in using purchased Templates or software such as Ms.Word / Adobe Photoshop, Don’t worry. We at Theziners, will happily transform the chosen template into the template of your wish. For Changing your template just how you want it, we will need following information:-

  1. Logo *(If any) / Company Name
  2. Content As per Template
  3. Color Combination
  4. Your Own Images or Stock Images
  5. Any Other Information you want to share

FREE - You don’t have to spend any kind of extra charges for Obtaining this prized services. These Services are absolutely FREE from Theziners for our valuable customers.  However, if the changes are beyond  justifiable**, then nominal charges will be applicable, plus we will always take approval before making any extra chargeable service from our part.

*If you don’t have a logo, then also Don’t Worry. You can easily choose your best logo from our wide varieties of Exclusive and Non Exclusive Templates.

** Justifiable – By Justifiable, we mean the changes provided by our part without any charges. For more clarifications, we are providing the inclusive guide on what you can request and what you can’t.

Q.1 What you can request to be changed  in your Template?
Ans. You can request following things in your Template:-

  1. Name of the Business/ Logo
  2. Any Simple Text based changes (bold, line breaks, capitalization, etc)
  3. Basic color changes,
  4. Different font (if it’s free or part of the Free Font Family)

Q.2 What you cannot request to be changed in your Template?   (In Free Services)
Ans: You cannot request following things in your Template, as these services are Chargeable:-

  1. Layout and Structural Changes in your template
  2.  Different formats and variations to use in different situations
  3. A variety of options for you to review
  4. Vague ideas (e.g. A cursive font)

For every question linked with Theziners, We are here to help! Check out our Terms, Disclaimer and License Agreement or contact us.

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