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In this segment we will discuss about all the TEMPLATE SERVICES  provided by Theziners online Store.


Logo Design Templates

Basically A logo design is an outcome of the designer’s creativity and attention which link that logo design to a particular company or industry. Here, at Theziners, we are providing two kinds of Logo Design Templates, namely-:


  1. Non-Exclusive logo Template- Non Exclusive logo templates are those affordable logo template which can easily select, downloaded and utilized. They always offered for sale multiple times, which also make it inapplicable for copyrights and trademarks. If you are looking for an affordable logo template to give a boost to your startup, then non-exclusive logo template is all you need.


  1. Exclusive Logo Template -  It’s a special logo template for a special user. This Logo Template comes with absolute ownership and copyright power of that logo. Moreover, We also take away that sold logo template from our online store and never offer the same logo to other clients again. So if you want something elite, attractive and eye catchy logo to give your brand a picture, Exclusive logo template is just made for you!


Flyer Design Templates

Basically, a flyer is a handbill, pamphlet or leaflet, used for covering wider audience with small investment.  It’s a wonderful advertisement that is either printed or distributed in your target market. Even an renowned research has proved that flyer if utilized well, can transform the destiny of any business entity.  We at Theziner offer three kinds of Flyer Design Template, namely


  1. Single Page Flyer Design,
  2. DL Flyer Design Template,
  3. Flyer Front/back template.

These Templates are different from each other in terms of size and content. Where Single Page Flyer Design Template and DL Flyer Design Template  though different in size, but printed on one side, Flyer Front/back Template is printed on both sides.


Postcard Templates

Postcard  template is a brilliant tool used for marketing, promotion and advertising of any business.  We, at Theziners offer a wide range of postcards in diverse categories. So, whether you need an inspiring real estate postcard, or a Festival Postcard  is what you are looking for, we have all for you. All you have to do is surf from our online store to get the postcard you wish for, and download it for utilizing it in easy steps. All our postcards are easy to download and editable.


Trifold Templates

Basically Trifold Brochure is a Twofold brochure Template, designed to articulate the information about products, services and events of a company. Undeniably, It is an elegant  advertising material to give a radical boost to your business.  Here, at Theziners, we are offering two kinds of Trifold Templates namely-

  1. Trifold Design Templates - From Healthcare to Real-estate, this segment is carrying everything under it.  Select from the wide ranges of Trifold Template and use it own your own. If you need any help let us know, we would more than happy to help you.
  2. Graduation Memory Trifold-  Graduation is one of the most important memory of someone’s life. Make it special with the wide ranges of the splendid Graduation Memory trifold templates offer by Theziners. Checkout Now!


Social Media Banner Template

Social media banner is a blessing for everyone who wants to promote their business in digital media with the help of amazing designs. So, whether you want to increase the number of likes, or getting more customer engagement is that you wish, Social media banner are just a right fit for you.  From Professional Social media designs, to Festive Social media Banners,we as Theziners  have everything ready for you. Browse our online store,to get what you are looking for. All our social media banner template are easy to download, editable.


Business Cards Templates

Since Ages,  Business Cards have been ruling our world as a symbol of our professional identity.  People use business cards as a manner of their representation to another person or organization. If you are developing yourself every year, then why you are using the same business cards for ages? Get an elegant Business Cards from the largest online Store of Theziners. Whether you need Single Side Business Cards or Double Size Business Cards, we have all from you.  Select, Download and edit. 

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