1. After purchasing a Non-exclusive/exclusive template, you will receive an email from our part, which contains a download link to all necessary files linked with the purchased logo.
  2. These source files will be in the different format which includes JPEG, PDF, PNG, CDR, AI, etc.  
  3. If you are familiar with the use of software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator, then you can modify it at your own hand. But if you are unable to make necessary changes, send it to us with the changes you require in the logo template. Our skilled logo designers will make the advancements in your logo template and provide you the updated logo templates within ideal time.
  4. Once all the modifications got finalized, we will tender the updated source files in a final email with download link.

FREE- You do not have to pay or incur any extra charges in order to obtain the modifications in respect of color and company name. These services are absolutely FREE for our valuable customers.

Q.2 - What changes you can request in your Non-Exclusive/ Exclusive Logo Template?
You can request following changes in your Non-Exclusive/ Exclusive Logo Template

  • Business name
  • Tagline of your business
  • Any text related changes (including the changes of line breaks, bolding, capitalization, etc)
  • Color Changes

Q.3 - What changes you cannot request in your Non-Exclusive/ Exclusive Logo Template?
You cannot request following changes in your Non-Exclusive/ Exclusive Logo Template-

  • Layout/structural changes of the main logo
  • Different formats with changes to use in diverse situations
  • Different options to review
  • Unclear ideas (e.g. a cursive font)


For Copyright, ownership and trademarks, we will customize your logo in the following manner.

  • Modification in the text and fonts.
  • Color enhancement /changes
  • Modification of the layout, i.e., placement of text linked to logo
  • Complete Modification in the images (like changing the shape of a design, changing letters , etc)
  • 100% satisfaction ( We will keep making changes until you are satisfied)

After making above mentioned changes and getting approval from your part, we will transfer the files in standard formats (CDR, EPS, AI, JPEG, and PDF).  If you need your logo in other formats, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We will happily provide your logo in the asked formats, without taking any extra charges.

You hold absolute ownership of the ultimate, customize logo. It is duly noted that contains ownership/ copyright of the original, logo template. Customers can only register their logo in trademark or copyright, when they are significantly different from the original craft. We strongly recommend you to have a copyright/ or trademark for your logo to remain protected from any intellectual theft.

However, notwithstanding of anything, the latest logo is absolutely yours, but the original design is not. It will remain available on the website for others to utilize.

We will start our working acumen after receiving your logo request and payment.  For all these services, you have to incur $95, as a one-time customization fee. 

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